Basic Sewing Guide

Before beginning any DIY project we need to get the sewing basics down first. I will not be making my own tutorials here as there are plenty out there on the internet. The tutorials that I’m recommending here are methods that I personally use, it may or may not work for you so feel free to experiment around.

Invisible zipper

Picture taken from Kollabora by Nicole

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper

It’s extremely important that you know this, as it is commonly used on skirts and dresses. The invisible zipper foot is a pretty common item, you can find it at any neighbourhood sewing supplies store and should cost less than RM5 per foot.

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Picture Taken from Littleblackblog


How to Sew a Separating Zipper

A definite must-know, it’s trendy and really simple to do.

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Picture Taken from AngryChicken

How to Sew an Exposed Zipper

The exposed zipper is similar to the separating zipper, the only difference is that it doesn’t separate at the end of the garment.

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