The Mandatory Introduction

I’ve been planning to start this blog for very long time, just never got around to it until today (Hooray!). My goal is to educate fashion lovers to DIY in-trend sartorial pieces while saving lots of $Ka-Ching$ and how to do it properly.

Yes. Properly.

The proper way to construct a design with the finer DIYtails that are often overlooked by most tutorials. It’s the little details that makes or breaks a good piece of design.

It annoys me every time I see an amateur How-To-Sew tutorial and all they do is trace a skirt and glue a waistband to it. Sure it’s easy and they look good in pictures but babe, trust me, it’s impossible to ever wear that skirt out feeling secure and confident.

Oh, I am also Malaysian, born and bred in KL.
Hope all you Malaysian girls will be happy to know that the materials I’ll be using, will be available locally, if not, bought online at a reasonable price. Believe me, I understand the disappointments of finding a cool DIY that is impossible for us to make.

So I hope you’ll have fun with me on my journey. Do encourage me from time to time, at least I’ll know that my tutorials actually benefits someone.

Cheers! I’m so excited!