Turn Your Sheer Tight Tank Into A Crop Top

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been victims of ridiculously cheap price tags when shopping online. We’d fall devastated when our “fantastic bargains” arrives as unwearable disasters with a no return policy.

I bought this tank top on Taobao for RM15 postage included. Based on the measurements given by the seller, the tank top ought to fit loosely on me, but as expected from all China imported clothes, it was way too tight and insanely sheer. The asian in me hates showing off my bra but I really like the tank. So here’s my quick fix that made my devastating buy into a cool wearable crop top.

Tutorial here:diy-crop-top-tutorial-1

What you’ll need:

-Basic sewing machine
-A sewing needle
-Sewing thread
-Sewing pins
-Fabric Scissors

1. Put on your top and fold the hem inwards to decide how short you’d like your crop top to be. Carefully, remove your top and pin the hem to place.diy-crop-top-tutorial-2 diy-crop-top-tutorial-9

2. Next, sew only the armhole area with your sewing machine. I’m using normal stitches to this.diy-crop-top-tutorial-3

3. Cut away any excess fabric peaking out at the armhole area.


4. Pin the sides of your top and sew. This is to avoid the inner hem from moving around.


5. Next, take your thread and sewing needle. Carefully hand-stitch several small hidden knots to secure the position of the hem with the top. Do this, for both front and back.

diy-crop-top-tutorial-6 diy-crop-top-tutorial-7

Your hand stitches should be small enough to be unnoticed. Can you spot how many I have here?


Voila! Your crop top is ready!diy-crop-top-tutorial-11 diy-crop-top-tutorial-10

[Wearing] Xiaomi Mi Band, Skirt: H&M, Belt: Taobao, Lisptick: Shu Uemura